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The College of Liberal Arts at Texas A&M University

China’s Epic Property Boom Doesn’t Stop for Covid Pandemic

Gan Li, economics professor and expert in Chinese household finance, discusses China's property boom amidst COVID-19.

It Takes a Long Time to Vote

In this article, which was originally published by The Conversation, history professor Jonathan Coopersmith explains the importance of shortening wait times to vote.

History professor named Mellon Emerging Faculty Leader

Sarah McNamara is one of ten Mellon Emerging Faculty Leaders for 2020 at the WW National Fellowship Foundation.

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Kathy ‘90 and Tim Terzis ‘89: Franchisees with a Philanthropic Purpose

As proud Aggie parents, successful Sport Clips franchisees, and selfless supporters of the College of Liberal Arts, Kathy and Tim Terzis help keep the spirit of Aggieland thriving.

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COVID-19 Counsel from the College of Liberal Arts

In this series, we collect various news articles that feature experts from the College of Liberal Arts giving insight into the global COVID-19 crisis.

Texas A&M and Access to Justice Lab at Harvard Law School researchers to evaluate counsel at first appearance

Hays County selected for first study of its kind conducted by Texas A&M University and Harvard researchers.

College of Liberal Arts and College of Science team up for STEM course

The two colleges are working together to offer a contemporary issues course in the fall 2020 semester.

A closer look at the Supreme Court’s LGBTQIA+ ruling

What the Supreme Court’s recent LGBTQIA+ worker decision means and what it tells us about the future.

Confronting Prejudice Isn’t Enough. We Must Eradicate the White Racial Frame.

In this interview conducted by Dr. George Yancy, nationally and internationally prominent Texas A&M University sociologist and social theorist Joe Feagin explains what must happen in our education system to stop racism.

The Morrill Act Still Has A Huge Impact On The U.S. And The World

By Keith Randall, Texas A&M University Division of Marketing & Communications July 2 is a key date in the history of Texas A&M University. It was then that the Morrill Act went into effect in 1862, named for its sponsor, Vermont Congressman Justin Smith Morrill. It allowed each state to sell up to 30,000 acres of land … Continued